The Grey Garden disrupts the idea that in order to be sustainable, you need to be on either side of the spectrum; extreme black or extreme white, doing everything or nothing at all. When in fact, all citizens of the world just need to go after a balanced lifestyle that would get us all a step closer towards green. This is what the experience at Cairo Design Week aims at. By passing on the awareness and knowledge gained in the everyday life will cause a ripple effect of impactful results just through the small actions taken by many.
The architecture of The Grey Garden at Cairo Design Week is designed by Void. Experience Providers in different fields will be there to showcase what their brands are all about, of which are Creative Summit, Esorus, GLC, Marmonil, Naseej, Cairopolitan, Designdustry, Expo Turath & Coventry University.
A blend of experiences that includes talks, interactive activities, and product exhibitions.

  • Date

    19th to 25th of November

  • Venues

    Ghernata, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo

  • Opening Hours

    11am to 9pm

  • Location

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