Collaboration with Karim el Hayawan and Nehal Leheta: Tales of Egyptian treasure
Antiques are a physical representation of history, of stories, experiences and sentiments that have outlived what people could not.
This exhibition will feature 8 hotspots consisting of a curation of items that tell a story, the focal point of each is an antique safe, creating a feeling of mystery and secrecy. The visitor gets immersed in their nostalgia by trying to piece together the mystery as they walk through.
Held at Odyssey, a collective art space in the heart of Heliopolis, bringing together the authenticity of vintage items as well as a contemporary art gallery that hosts monthly exhibitions. Throughout Cairo Design Week, they will be showcasing their collaboration with Design Point (Karim El Hayawan and Nehal Leheta) on an art installation/experience that will be showcased throughout the week as well as a collective
art exhibition inside the gallery for Egypt’s finest artists.

  • Date

    19th to 25th of November

  • Venues

    Odyssey, Heliopolis, Cairo

  • Opening Hours

    11am to 9pm

  • Location

    Click here